Return to School Handbook

Return to School Handbook

July 23, 2020

Mission: Ensure all students are successful.

Vision: All members of our learning community will work collaboratively and 

have the courage, competence, and commitment 

to take ownership of their development, 

face challenges, and 

find solutions.  

The learning community includes students, staff, parents, and community members.

Together our work will focus on creating a balance between 

intellectual, physical, social and emotional development 

with the goal that every student 

will be college and career ready.

Table of Contents

Letter to Gunnison Watershed School District

We Are in This Together

Decision Making for GWSD

Two Learning Options for Return to School

Understanding the Transmission of COVID-19

Priority 1: Physical Health & Safety

Our Risk Reduction Toolkit

Risk Reduction Tool #1: Health Screening

Risk Reduction Tool #2: Illness Protocol

Risk Reduction Tool #3: Handwashing

Risk Reduction Tool #4: Respiratory Etiquette

Risk Reduction Tool #5: Face Coverings

Risk Reduction Tool #6: Physical Distancing

Risk Reduction Tool #7: Reducing Contacts

Risk Reduction Tool #8: Ventilation Practices

Risk Reduction Tool #9: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

Risk Reduction Agreements: Parents, Students, and Staff

Priority 2: Social & Emotional Health

Priority 3: Academic Achievement and Growth

Recess, Physical Education, Athletics, and Activities

Nutrition Services


Contact Information

References and Other Resources

Appendix 1: GWSD COVID-19 Protocols

Classrooms Protocols

Common Areas Protocols

Staff Work Areas Protocols

Cafeterias Protocols

School Grounds Protocols

Gyms & Weight Rooms Protocols

Locker Rooms Protocols

Restrooms Protocols

Buses & Suburbans Protocols

Parents and Visitors Protocols

Appendix 2: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Information

Appendix 3: GWSD COVID-19 Staff Leave Options

Appendix 4:  Coronameter

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