Meal Prices

Complete the 2022-23 free and reduced-price meals application

2022-2023 Meal Prices:

Student breakfast: $3.50

PreK- 8th grade lunch: $4.50
High school lunch: $4.75

Chocolate or white milk: 50 cents

Staff/Adult breakfast: $3.75

Staff/Adult lunch: $5.25

A complete breakfast includes a whole grain item, fruit, and milk.  A complete lunch includes a whole grain item, protein item, fruit and/or vegetable, and milk.  

Cash is not accepted! Pre-fund your account on
Staff- contact [email protected] if you need help setting up your account.  Accounts may also be pre-funded your with a check made out to "Gunnison Watershed School District Nutrition Services".  Include student's name and 6 digit ID number. Bring check to school or district main office.

No purchases allowed if no funds on account. Students will never be denied a meal and parents are responsible for payment.  See district unpaid meal charge policy, E-FE-1.